Willowpark Australian Cattle Dogs


 This sport is dominated by Beligian Malinois and German Shepherds.  It simulates many of the requirements of a good police dog - obedience, the ability to track an offender, and the ability to apprehend an offender. 

Australian Cattle Dogs are proving to be quite natural workers.  Many in Europe are competing with them, and there has been a good number of dogs attaining the highest title - IPO3. 


Darcey (WP Blue Skye) and Pria's (WP Whiz Kid) daughter Holly (Erudite Holly) are in the beginning stages of training.  Holly is showing a real apptitude for it. 

To compete in the sport the dogs must pass a temperament test, and be awarded a BH title.  This tests primarily the dogs trainability and nerve.  The dog must remain under control in a numbr of situations and cannot show fear, reserved behaviour or nervousness.  



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