Willowpark Australian Cattle Dogs

Our Aim

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Here at Willowpark we have been breeding Aust Cattle Dogs for over 30 years.  Quiet achievers, we have been selecting and breeding dogs with remarkable temperaments.  Outstanding types that have the substance, soundness and brains to achieve almost any challenge given to them.


Our dogs are renowned for their temperaments and no matter how physically perfect a dog or bitch may be we will not use/ breed with poor temperaments.

From our vision we consistently produce dogs with strong nerves which are relaxed and confident and with higher than average bite thresholds.  We do not like to see insecure or aggressive dogs.  This is not the temperament we would like to live with, and neither should you.  All the good characteristics of an Australian Cattle Dog without the dramas.  We breed happy, confident dogs with no nervousness issues.  

Our dogs retain a wonderful work ethic and instinct to herd. Many live their lives on properties maintaining the dual roles of worker and pet.  We believe that the breed standard describes a protective dog, but not one which goes out looking for a fight.  We can't imagine graziers being happy if they brought their cattle to market and having their dog attack and injure other peoples prized working dogs.  Defensive yes, but not outwardly aggressive.  We  believe that the ACD is primarily a working dog, not a guard dog.   


We will post many videos and photos of our dogs doing a variety of activities in our 'Latest News' pages.  We wont just sit back and claim out dogs can work, we show it by a variety of titles, competition wins and videos.  We place whats between the ears just as highly as whats between the nose and tail.  We are immensely proud of our dogs achievements and with a breeding vision into the next decade we are very excited at what the future holds. 










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Sandra Stapley
Nabiac, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0431431814
Email : [email protected]