Willowpark Australian Cattle Dogs


December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to all our extended family and friends.  Santa brought us 5 little girls, born today to Pria (WP Whiz Kid).  Very happy that for a maiden bitch, inseminated with frozen semen, she has produced 5 healthy pups.  All have beautiful double masks.  Two very excited kennels, across 2 continents, eager to see these girls grow up and fly the flag high for competition herding cattle dogs in Australia.

December 21, 2015

Check out Red (WP Rugby Red) in the Queensland Reds festive video. 


December 19, 2015

We took Anna (WP Have A Lil Faith), Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Ella (WP Heartbreaker) to the NSW Christmas Show, with Mick winning Best of Breed and his little sister Anna getting Runner Up Best of Breed.  So pleased with these 2!

Anna is well on her way to her title at only 6 months & 3 weeks old.

December 17, 2015

Happy birthday to Red (WP Rugby Red) and Mick (WP Mick Dundee)!!  Both boys turned 2 today.


December 6, 2015

Toby is litter brother to Cruz (WP Caped Crusader) and his mum Keira says-

'I just thought I'd send those through so you can see how Toby is going. Such a happy boy, very obedient & has a lot of fun with the other dogs. He plays chasing with Molly every afternoon.. Even though he can catch her he never does so that she will keep playing with him. I hope you & all your dogs are going well'

December 5, 2015

So much news today!  Jessie (WP Xtra Special) wins another Minor Puppy in Group in Canberra, taking her to 1st place in the Dogzonline Rising Star ACD competition.


Anna (WP Have A Lil Faith) won an 11 point bitch challenge at the age of 6 months and 4 days, and reserve to her was her sister Jemma (WP Shez My Kind).  This was over quality older bitches. 


Red (WP Rugby Red) celebrated his birthday early at the Queensland Reds Rookies2Red Christmas Party at Ballymore Stadium


Woody (Cloverdowns Woodstock) does it again winning another Baby Puppy in Group in Victoria


December 4, 2015

Success for one of our extended family at the big International show in Victoria.  Woody (Cloverdowns Woodstock) is by Levi, which makes him half brother to our talented Zac (WP Custom Made).  Woody was Baby Puppy in Group, and he is here with the judge and his 'mum' Debra.

December 3, 2015

This is Angus, a litter brother of Lou. 

Hi Sandra,
Thank you so much for breeding us the most beautiful Cattle Dog.
We just love our Baby Angus - not that he is really a baby anymore !!!!!
He is such a water baby, he "helps" with watering the plants and is always up for a swim in the dam even
in the middle of winter. He cannot drink out of his water bowl without having both front paws in the bucket too !!!
(I will text you a video of his antics).
Having show horses I do like a beautiful animal (as I know you understand) and I could not have asked for a more
perfect cattle dog in every way.
Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas and a great 2016.
Carlene and Cris

December 2, 2015

Darcey (WP Blu Skye) is having a great time with her IPO training, with her owner Sharon.  Darcey is in great hands with Sharon breeding and supplying German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois to the South Australian police.  We still feel very honoured that Sharon chose a WP puppy to train in this sport. 

December 1, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) jumped a great clear round at the Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club trial,  and getting the final pass needed for his first agility title.  He just loves this sport.

November 29, 2015

Cooma Show and Obedience trial held over the weekend proved to be very successful for the Ted (WP Bush Tribute) kids. Mick (WP MIck Dundee) was 2nd in the Novice Rally class with a 94/100.  Jessie (WP Xtra Special) won 2 Minor Puppy in Groups and Dude (Tamachel I Am The Dude) made his debut in trialling and was 3rd and got his first pass in the CCD class, and also a Novice Rally pass.  Mindy (WP Soul Sister) also managed a RN pass and Zac (WP Custom Made) made his debut in the Open Obedience class and did some really impresive work.  One anticipation on the recall saw him DQ but otherwise was on a score of 196/200.  Next year he should have alot of fun in this class. 



Dude                                                                                Mick

November 24, 2015

Ultrasound today revealed the artificial insemination with frozen semen from the US dog Vin (Spaders Vintage Vaquero HSAsc) into Pria (WP Whiz Kid) was successful with at least 4 puppies developing.  So much anticipation to see what this cross produces.  Vin was selected to further improve the versatility as work dogs, and with some talented trainers taking on puppies we can only hope they fly the flag high for Aust cattle dogs beyond the show ring. This isn't a cheap exercise but is just part of the commitment to producing the total package in cattle dogs - type, temperament and work ability.

November 23, 2015

Very happy to say that one of Ted's (WP Bush Tribute) sons became a New Zealand Champion last weekend. Kingston (Austrax Steaming Off The Rails) is maturing into a lovely boy, and like his father the best is yet to come.  Ted is proving himself time and time again, producing better than himself and with consistency.  His pups are extremely outgoing, nothing worries them and they are highly social.  We are also very happy to see that he is also throwing his herding abilities, as he offers some rare traits within the breed.  Collie people have often sworn blind that he has some collie in him somewhere with his desire to cover the front of his stock as much as the heels. 

This is Kingstons gorgeous head.

November 15, 2015

Jessie (WP Xtra Special) is now into Minor Puppy and gets 2 Best of Breeds and all 3 Bitch Challenges at the Young Shows this weekend.  She also gets Minor Puppy in Group at all 3 shows and a Minor Puppy in Show.  The sky is looking like the limit for this cheeky brat!


November 13, 2015

Lou (WP Outa The Blue) wins Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed at the Childrens Cancer Charity Show, taking her to halfway to her title.  Not bad for a girl who we only show occasionally but wins most times we take her out. 


November 10, 2015

Some of our recent puppies in their new homes. 

November 8, 2015

Alan and Willow (WP Deja Blue) had their first weekend in the minor puppy class and did super.  Willow won the puppy sweepstakes and won a 9 point Bitch Challenge over much older bitches.  The future looks bright for this girl in QLD.

November 7, 2015

Little Anna (WP Have A Lil Faith) made her show debut and went like a little pro.  We cant wait to get her out to more shows and she will be eligible for points in 3 weeks time. Anna is a full, younger sister to Mick (WP Mick Dundee).

November 5, 2015

The gorgeous Jessie (WP Xtra Special) winning her 18th Baby in Group. She has now also won 4 Baby Puppy in Shows. 

We just love this photo of Jessie with her owner Murray

November 3, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) and Tess (WP Inevitablue) competing at the Brush Farm Agility Trial, where Tess won the 500 Novice Jumping class

November 1, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) models the new POD tracker for The Canberra Times


October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! from Bailey (WP Chase n Dreams) and Tess (WP Inevitablue)

October 30, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) worked his magic again for Vets All Natural, this time working for 3 days at the Annual Greencross Limited conference at the National Convention Centre, Canberra.  He was so well behaved, off lead the whole time, up and down the elevators, greeting 100's of people and giving out lots of 'kisses'.  Zac was a frequent visitor to the surrounding exhibitors, making friends with the Virbac staff, K9 Natural staff, Coprice staff.. pretty much everyone there.  He was quite cheeky though and solicited many treats with his big brown eyes from the All Natural Pet Treats stand.  He also did some modelling for the POD Pet Trackers for their Canberra Times interview.


October 28, 2015

Pria (WP Whiz Kid) spent some very special time at the wonderful Colyton Vet Clinic, being artificially inseminated with frozen semen flown over from the US.  Now we just cross our fingers and hope for puppies in 9 weeks time. 


October 25, 2015

Willowparks first agility title today with Tess (WP Inevitablue) winning the 500 class in Novice Jumping at the Brush Farm Agility Trial today.  She did so well and we look forward to doing more agility with the dogs next year.  Will post photos when we get them.

Tess's full name is now Aust Ch Willowpark Inevitablue CD RE JD HSAs HSAd HSAc.

October 24, 2015

Another Baby in Show for Jessie (WP Xtra Special) at Wellington Kennel Club show.

Photos soon!

October 23, 2015

Some of our gorgeous pups ready for their forever homes soon.

October 19, 2015

Ted (WP Bush Tribute) is now officially an Australian Champion.  We are so proud of this gorgeous boy, who was really bored in the show ring, so we've promised him he never has to be shown again!  He can just have some fun doing the other dog sports and being a stud dog.  Some of our favourite photos of him from a Baby Puppy, herding and playing with his friends.

October 18, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) and Tess (WP Inevitablue) get their second Jumping Dog qualifications today at the Springwood Dog Training Club Agility trial.  These 2 dont often compete in the sport, and rarely train for it but both enjoy it so much that we will have to do a bit more next year with them.

October 16, 2015

First points for Mindy (WP Soul Sister) today at the Southern Highlands show.  We have kept her out of the showring for awhile as she seemed so small compared to the other bitches, but after having her officially measured by a DogsNSW rep, she is 1cm bigger than the lower end of the height standard.  We will continue showing her as she is a lovely type and moves so well



October 10, 2015

The 2015 Mongrel Boots catalogue has been released featuring Pria (WP Whiz Kid) and Zac (WP Custom Made).  We think they look fantastc and Pria looks like a real little professional.  She was 14 months old when these were taken. 

October 9, 2015

After a month off Jessie (WP Xtra Special) picks up where she left off from with ANOTHER Baby Puppy in Group at the Benthungra Show

October 3, 2015

Alan is having lots of fun with Willow (WP Deja Blue) in North Queensland. She continued her Baby Sweepstakes success with a 1st place, then finished the day with a Baby in Group. 

September 24, 2015

Very excited with Team Willowparks performance at Melbourne Royal.  We took 5 dogs - Mick (WP Mick Dundee), Cruze (WP Caped Crusader), Pria (WP Whiz Kid), Star (WP Shooting Star) and Ella (WP Heartbreaker) on the 1800km round trip. 

First up Cruze won his Baby Dog class, strutting his stuff and stacking like a little pro


lntermediate dog was Micks class and he beat some quality dogs to win his class.  He then went in for Dog Challenge against the 5 other class winners and was awarded Reserve Dog Challenge.  What a thrill and he showed his little paws off.

Next was Pria in the Junior Bitch class, frustratingly she decided to lose all her coat days before the show so had no undercoat but she moved sensationally and won her class.

Both Star and Ella represented the kennel so well, both being slightly different types to what the judge was looking for.

A huge thanks to Jean and Deb from Cloverdowns ACDs for being such wonderful hosts.  We got to spend lots of time playing with Cruze's dad Flynn (Landmaster Tell Me Why) which solidified our belief that he will prove to be a great outcross for us.

We cant thank Karen Edwards so much for her beautiful photos.  Karen is Ted's (WP Bush Tribute) Victorian mum.

Another good friend of WP is Ffiona Erskine, and she took these photos of Pria and Mick

What an achievement for these 2 Ted (WP Bush Tribute) kids, they have won every class they have been entered in at Royals, against various dogs from different states.
1st Minor Dog Brisbane Royal
1st Junior Dog Sydney Royal
1st Inter Dog Melbourne Royal (+RDCC)

1st Puppy Bitch Sydney Royal (+Puppy of Breed)
1st Junior Bitch Melbourne Royal


September 20, 2015

Blacktown Rally Obedience trial was today and Zac (WP Custom Made) got 3rd place and the final qualification needed for his Rally Excellent title.  Breeze (WP Blue Breeze) got the final qualification for her Rally Novice title and Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Mindy (WP Soul Sister) got Rally Novice qualifications each.

September 19, 2015

They were great friends in Sydney and now they get to hang out in Perth.  Meg (WP Eternal Flame) and RIver (WP River Dance).  

September 15, 2015

Meet Anna, she is our newest little pup who will be coming to a few shows with us next year.  Anna is a full sister to Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Red (WP Rugby Red).  Another quality pup from our special boy Ted (WP Bush Tribute)

September 13, 2015

Ella (WP Heartbreaker) did WP proud today at the ACD NSW Specialty Show, with winning her Intermediate Bitch class and getting Best Opposite Inter in Show.

Willow (WP Deja Blue) had a great weekend at her first weekend of showing.  Winning Baby of Breed at all 3 shows, beating a male pup each time, and winning 1st and a 2nd in Baby Sweepstakes.  Alan her owner needs to send us some photos of her with her ribbons!  Alan tells us she is just a super puppy.


We are so happy for Meg (WP Eternal Flame), after a huge,delayed flight to Perth she has found a wonderful home, just down the road from River (WP River Dance).  Her new owner met River at the beach and just had to enquire where this wonderful girl had come from.  Perfect timing as we were looking for a position for Meg on someones lounge to spolit her rotten.  Seems she has found this with her new owner describing her as perfect.  Everyone, including the tranport company commented on her being one of the nicest red cattle dogs they have ever handled.

September 12, 2015

More show success today, this time in QLD with Willow (WP Deja Blue) winning 1st place in 3-6 months sweepstakes.  We hope her success continues. 


September 11, 2015

Jessie (WP Xtra Special) does it again! winning Best Baby Puppy in Show at Forbes today.  That's 13 baby in groups and 3 baby in shows from 15 shows.  


September 9, 2015

The beautiful Lace (WP Denim & Lace) had her puppies to Mick (WP Mick Dundee) today.  5 boys and 3 girls, all in 5 hours. She is being a wonderful first time mum.  We cant wait to see how these pups develop.

Lace & Mick

September 8, 2015

Check out Zac (WP Custom Made) during a Junkee Vox Pops interview at the recent Sydney Dog Lovers Show.  We think he nailed it and his personality just shines through.












September 6, 2015

So happy to hear that River (WP River Dance) is loving her new home in WA, as much as her family love her. 


September 3, 2015

A great letter from one of our Bree (WP Poker Face) and Flynn (Landmaster Tell Me Why) puppies

Hi Sandra, just thought I'd give you an update on Jimmy or Willowpark Midnight Gambler as it says on his papers. He just got his final shot last night, he had to have 2 shots, the first was a month ago. He weighed in at 10kg. As you can see from the photo the 2 puppies are best mates and sleep together even though they have there own beds. Jimmy is such a great dog, he loves people. He is a fast learner. Took him down to my parents beach house and he loved it but not as much as when I took him camping last weekend. Had him off the lead the whole time and he never wandered off to far. I got a little light to go on his collar so we could see him in the dark. The vet loves him and says he is in perfect health. The trainers at puppy training all love him and always use him to demonstrate to the rest of the group.
Hope all is well, I check on or website for updates on is brother and sister, which is good to see.


September 3, 2015

The website has been slow to be updated as Belinda who manages this has been in the Kimberleys, Western Australia, visiting one of our extended family.  Pandora is by Bentley (WP Two Up Tiger) and Tess (WP Inevitablue).  She is such a sensible pup, with crocodiles just beyond her backyard and a host of other dangerous animals she is a real thinker and best friend to young Charlie.  Pandora is super smart and knows the difference between her toys and Charlie's toys.  She is very compliant and always waits for permission before doing anything - which includes jumping into water, which is vitally important in the 'Top End'.

August 30, 2015

Jessie (WP Xtra Special) at her 10th show won her 10th Baby Puppy in Group.  She was also awarded a ribbon for being the most successful baby puppy on the western circuit of shows.  The future is really exciting for this lovely pup.

August 28, 2015

Gorgeous Reece (WP Legally Blue) went to her first show today, the NSW Spring Fair.  She handled herself perfectly, winning the bitch baby puppy class against competition, then beating the male for best ACD baby puppy.  We are so excited about this girl.  Lou (WP Outa The Blue) also showed well, we just wish some other ACD breeders would consider temperament when breeding, with poor Lou being aggressively lunged at by another bitch.  Lou was a good girl and didnt react.  If only people would realise that Grand Champion means nothing in the scheme of things if you have nasty temperaments. 

Reece at 16 weeks old, we can't wait to see her mature. 

August 24, 2015

Very happy to get Mick's (WP Mick Dundee) hip and elbow scores back from Dr Rawlinson.  Mick has a perfect elbow score of 0:0 and well below breed average hips. 


Wow!! Jessie (WP Xtra Special) won her 7th Baby Puppy in Group at Condobolin today, then went on to her 2nd Baby Puppy in Show win.  Not a bad effort for a 16 week old in her first 7 shows.

August 23, 2015

Jessie (WP Xtra Special) is winning many fans with her bright and cheeky attitude and also winning her 6th Best Baby Puppy in Group from 6 shows.  What a show debut!  Although its all the lovely comments about her temperament that mean more to us than the ribbons.  Another fantastic Ted (WP Bush Tribute) baby.

Also more Rally success today, in the rain at the Brush Farm Rally Obedience trial with Breeze (WP Blue Breeze) earning her 2nd qualification in style with 98/100 and first place.  Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Mindy (WP Soul Sister) also got their first qualifications. 

A special weekend for us with 3 generations of WP girls earning qualifications, a title and a 1st place in the sport.  Grandma Breeze, daughter Bree and grand daughter Mindy.



August 22, 2015

Today Bree (WP Poker Face) finished off her Rally Novice title at the Central Coast Club trial, and her mum Breeze (WP Blue Breeze) gained her first pass towards her title.


The super cute Jessie (WP Xtra Special) is living up to her name with another Baby Puppy in Group at the Bedgerabong Show, making it 5 class in group wins from 5 shows!


August 20, 2015

As a bit of R & R after working so hard at the Dog Lovers Show Zac (WP Custom Made) and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) were kindly given a few days at the most wonderful beach house.  Tess (WP Inevitablue) got to tag along as well.  Blue Patch at Culburra Beach is owned by a very good friend of WP and is just the best dog friendly getaway we have encountered.  Dogs are welcome inside the house, with also a great big fully fenced yard to run in.  Best of all the dog friendly beaches are a 3 min walk away.


August 19, 2015

Little Jessie (WP Xtra Special) in her first 4 shows won all 4 Baby Puppy in Groups plus a Baby Puppy in Show, as well as multiple sweepstakes placings..  We are so glad to hear that her owners Murray & Yvette are really pleased with her.  We so look forward to following her show career.  Jessie is a full, younger sister to Ella (WP Heartbreaker), who is a multi Class in Show winner herself

Zac (WP Custom Made) has a brief role in this NRMA ad.  His job was to lick a garden gnome!

August 16, 2015

WP dogs once again assisted at the Vets All Natural stand at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show.  Zac (WP Custom Made) did the saturday and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) worked the sunday.  Both are exceptional in these intense environments, with many thousands of general public in attendence. 

When your not quite 18 months old yet, it can all get very tiring....

August 9, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) finishes off his Aust Champion show title in style with a 15 point Best of Breed at Bulli District Kennel Club today.  Willowparks third champion for the year! 

Cruze (WP Caped Crusader) had his first show today and we were so happy with him.  He is a superstar in the making, with so many people stopping to compliment his style, attitude and gorgeous face.

August 6, 2015

Bootcamp has commenced for some of our dogs!  We are getting a few ready for some upcoming rally obedience competitions. BBQ chicken is the dogs choice of rewards, and with 4 in training we are buying lots of it :-)

We love seeing WP dogs out doing performance sports and want to encourage all our extended family to have a go if they would like.  So many sports that our dogs are good at like Rally Obedience, Obedience, Agility, Herding, Dancing with Dogs, Tracking and with the new sports of Lure Coursing and Weight Pull there is something for all talents.  We are here to help you get involved so if your interested email us and Belinda can give you all the assistance you need. 


August 4, 2015

Both Levi (Burrenjup Hot Coals) and Molly (WP Red Amy) are now living up on the mid north coast of NSW.  Their new home is really pleased with them, with Levi becoming a town favourite accepting treats off everyone, and Molly already cutting down time moving cattle for her new owner.  After she finished her Herding Test title we thought she would love to keep Levi company.  This is them in the dam

July 31, 2015

With 16 cattle dogs entered at the Sydney Kennel Club show we took Ella (WP Heart Breaker), Pria (WP Whiz Kid), Lou (WP Outa The Blue) and Mick (WP Mick Dundee).  Ella hasnt been shown since Sydney Royal and loved being back out. With 7 bitches competing Lou was awarded Bitch Challenge and Pria was Reserve Bitch Challenge.  Mick was Reserve Dog Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed.

Ella is now 17 months and we think she is maturing very nicely.  A tall, athletic girl, she just floats around the ring, and has one of the prettiest expressions.

July 27, 2015

Darcey (WP Blu Skye) in South Australia has started her IPO/Schutzhund training with her owner Sharon. Sharon breeds and competes with working German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois in the sport and was always keen to train a cattle dog in the sport.  Obedience, tracking and protection work make up the 3 parts, which test

  • Stamina and endurance
  • Agility
  • Temperament and nerves (how well the dog handles stress)
  • Courage
  • Intelligence
  • Handler Loyalty
  • Desire to Work

In Europe Aust Cattle Dogs have made it to the highest level of IPO3/Sch3 and we hope Darcey continues to love the sport.  When Sharon asked for a pup with suitable attributes we knew the Ted (WP Bush Tribute) x Breeze (WP Blue Breeze) would give great nerve, drive, handler sensitivity and intelligence.  Darcey was a very bold, engaging and curious pup.

July 26, 2015

Two new performance titles for WP dogs today with Zac (WP Custom Made) earning his CD title with a 191/200 and 2nd place and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) earning her RN title with 97/100 and 3rd place.  Zac also was 2nd in the Rally Excellent class.  Tess (WP Inevitablue) came very close to an Open obedience pass, her handler just needs to throw a dumbell correctly!

July 24, 2015

Another good day showing with Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Lou (WP Outa The Blue).  Mick winning Intermediate in Group under a Canadian judge and consistent Lou won a 9 pt Bitch Challenge from the puppy class.  From 6 shows she has now won 3 challenges and 2 reserve challenges (both times coming 2nd to Lace).  


July 22, 2015

With sad news one of our extended family has crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Much loved by Amanda, John and the kids, Shade (WP Blue Shade) was a wonderful family pet as well as a valuable worker with John and their cattle.  We fondly remember Shade as one of the cute pups on the cover of David Darcy's book 'Little Mongrels', and when he returned to WP for a date with Tess (WP Inevitablue).  Our condolences to Shade's family


July 21, 2015

Our 2 gorgeous puppies enjoyed a day out socialising on the weekend.  We are over the moon with both of these pups, certainly worth the time and effort to produce them.

Cruze (WP Caped Crusader)

Reece (WP Legally Blue)


July 19, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) finishes off his PT herding title today and he also wins Reserve Dog Challenge again.  Lace (WP Denim &  Lace) wins a 13 pt Bitch Challenge with Lou (WP Outta The Blue) getting Reserve Bitch Challenge.

Sandra also flew the cattle dog flag in the Amish Challenge, a competiton for dogs bred, owned and handled by the exhibitor, with Lace. 

July 18, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) was our star today getting Reserve Dog Chllenge but also, in his second time in the big paddock, was awarded his first PT pass at the Border Collie Club trial.  We were really happy with how he controlled the flighty sheep in the strong winds.

July 17, 2015

The first day of the International North of the Harbour shows were great for Willowpark, aside from the wet and freezing weather, with Lace (WP Denim & Lace) winning a 15pt Best of Breed, Lou (WP Outa The Blue) Reserve Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed.  Mick (WP Mick Dundee) was Dog Challenge for 10 points.

Lace was also Open in Group in a really competitve line up

July 16, 2015

On her first 'assignment' Pria (WP Whiz Kid) did exceptional, shooting for 3 hours for the Mongrel Boots new catalogue.  The set was in a sandstone quarry, which remained operational the entire time, with excavators, large bores and mining trucks all dominating.  Pria, to quote the dogs agent "was a wonderful model, let alone a young one on her first job". She dealt with the lightbox flashes incredibly well.

Pria gave the client over 400 images to chose from including various positions on the ute, sleepy dog expressions, alert dog expressions, various poses and working with props. Zac(WP Custom Made) joined her for the last set of photos.  These are a couple of iphone snaps.  We cant wait to see the finished product.


July 12, 2015

Rally Obedience success for both Pria (WP Whiz Kid) and Zac (WP Custom Made) at the Penrith Kennel Club trial.  Pria was in 2nd place but on count back won 3rd in the novice class.  She was the youngest in the class.  Zac also was on a equal score and ended up 2nd in the Rally Excellent class.  

July 11, 2015

It was a great day for father and son today with Ted (WP Bush Tribute) winning Best of Breed at the Junior Kennel Club of Victoria show and Mick (WP Mick Dundee) winning Best of Breed at the Sutherland Kennel Club in NSW.  Both are so close to their Aust Champion titles.

Lou (WP Outta The Blue) was a good girl winning Puppy in Group as well today

July 10, 2015

Our new boy Cruze (WP Caped Crusader) is turning out to have so much of a spunky attitude.  From our girl Bree (Ch WP Poker Face), he is the result of artificial insemmination from Victorian based Flynn (Ch Landmaster Tell Me Why) owned by Cloverdowns Cattle Dogs.  We cant wait to see how he matures with a pedigree with herding champions, multiple obedience dogs, grand champions, some highly distinguished stud dogs, plus a bitch line from some of our strongest bitches.  We have also kept his sister Reece (WP Legally Blue)  


July 5, 2015

At the Bearded Collie Club Trial today Mindy (WP Soul Sister) easily got her Herding Instinct certificate, then was allowed to move up to the next level and get her first Herding Test pass.  We are really happy with her work style and ethic, and such a natural considering she only saw sheep for the first time a week ago.  This is video of her first ever go on sheep and she has a natural instinct to keep bringing the handler sheep and not allowing them to run away.

June 21, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) earnt his second Companion Dog pass today at the Blacktown Obedience trial.  He did it in style with a 2nd place.  Tess (WP Inevitablue) had a very good go in the Open class, despite her handler still learning the finer points of handling in the open class!

June 20, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) won himself another Class in Group today, his first time in Intermediate.  Lou (WP Outta The Blue) is getting the hang of being a show dog winning her 2nd bitch challenge at her third show.

June 17, 2015

Some of our puppies at 6 weeks old.  We are really happy with these puppies, so much potential and such funny little pups

June 16, 2015

Bailey is growing so well!. Thanks Margaret for the photos

Dear Sandra, it will be 12 months on Sunday since my beautiful girl Bailey was born and will be the big one year old.  I am so happy that I found Willowpark cattle dogs, she is just so gorgeous she is every thing you could ask for in the breed, her temperament is just amazing she loves every one and every thing she meets and is quite happy to just laze around in the sun but also has the energy to keep me on the go (lots of walks), she is doing very well with obedience training and in the near future will be doing some trialling I give credit to you in your breeding of cattle dogs and to Levi and Bree for their beautiful pups thanks again wishing you and your family, all the best, regards Margaret


June 13, 2015

At the Dogs on Show herding trial 4 of the dogs did us proud.

Molly (WP Red Amy RN) finished her HT title handled by Belinda.  Molly is 11 years old so we are really happy with her talent and enthusiasm.

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) also finished his HT title, handled very capably by Sandra.

Pria (Ch WP Whiz Kid) also gained her PT title

Lastly but certainly not least Zac (WP Custom Made) won High in Trial!!!  This means he had the highest score in the whole competition, and it also means he has now won a High in Trial on ducks, a High in Trial on sheep and a High in Trial on cattle.


June 4, 2015

We have finally taken some photos of 2 of our young girls by Levi.  Lou and Mindy are both under 12 months old and we think they will both be great assets to our breeding program. 

Lou (WP Outta Tha Blu)                                                   Mindy (WP Soul Sister)

Our puppies are also growing so nicely.

These 2 we will be keeping, a lovely red boy and the most cheekiest, outgoing blue girl

The rest all have homes patiently waiting until they are 8 weeks old. 


May 30, 2015

WP produces its second Australian Champion for the year with Pria (WP Whiz Kid) gaining the final point needed for her title today.  She has done it in style with 2 Runner Up in Groups (Group 2) along the way.  She is very naked at the moment after a big coat drop.  It was a tiring day for her as she practiced on the Erskine Park sheep as well.

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) was Best of Breed at the St George Show and inbetween breed and group judging he got some time in with the sheep.  He is showing so many qualities of his sire Ted (WP Bush Tribute), with an instinct to gather stock and turn them at the head when escaping.  He is also showing he will have a low heel bite as well.

May 26, 2015

Such a busy time at Willowpark at the moment, with these special litters.  Most of these puppies have homes waiting for them, and we are really looking forward to seeing how the puppies who are staying here grow.  We are over the moon with what both first time parents, Star & Mick have produced, and Bree's puppies by artificial insemination to Victorian based Flynn look like any one of the boys could give us the outcross stud male we would like.

Sophie and Ted look like they have again produced an outstanding litter, with the blue girl looking more impressive than Ella (WP Heartbreaker), from the first litter, did at that age.

Star (Ch WP Shooting Star) and Mick's (WP Mick Dundee) pups are looking very cute at 2.5 weeks old

Bree (Ch WP Poker Face) and Flynn's (Ch Landmaster Tell Me Why) puppies are also looking like stunners at 3 weeks old

Lastly, Sophie (WP Queen of Hearts) and Ted's (WP Bush Tribute) puppies are also 3 weeks old. 

May 21, 2015

Ted (WP Bush Tribute) is still having a great time in Victoria with his mate Drifter (Justus One Tuff Plainsman Imp USA).  He is such a gorgeous boy who has no interest in dominating other dogs.  Life for him is all about working stock and having fun.  Both Ted and Drifter are active stud males who are also sharing a backyard with 2 bitches. 

He throws his easy going temperament to his kids as well, here is Red (WP Rugby Red) with his 2 best mates Lex and Zed.


May 19, 2015

Pria's (WP Whiz Kid) critique from Sydney Royal has been published.

Judge - Mr Manuel Queijeiro (Mexico)

Best Puppy

"Female, she has a beautiful head, good neck and front angulation with a very nice topline, beautiful rear and very good side gait"

We think she is pretty special too

May 17, 2015

A busy but successful day for the Willowpark dogs.  A combination of showing at the Ladies Kennel Association double shows and herding at the Stock Dog Club trial saw the following -

Molly (WP Red Amy RN), at almost 11 years old did her Instinct Certificate and got her first HT pass

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) Reserve Dog Challenge both shows and also did his Instinct Certificate and got his first HT pass

Pria (WP Whiz Kid) Bitch Challenge at both shows, and a Best of Breed. She was also Runner Up in Group and Junior in Group.  She finished her HT title and got her first PT pass.

May 13, 2015

Being committed to producing capable working dogs that are functional in todays times Tess (WP Inevitablue) and Ted (WP Bush Tribute) were feature working dogs in the inaugural Australian Working Stock Dog magazine.  We also supported this launch magazine with a full page ad.

May 12, 2015

Darcey is a daughter of Ted (WP Bush Tribute RN HSAs) and Breeze (Ch WP Blue Breeze HT ET).  She is only 8 months old here but learning to be a functioning farm dog in South Australia.

She is also doing a great job in helping to raise a litter of Belgian Malinios pups who are destined for jobs with the RAAF, Police and the sport of IPO

May 10, 2015

Red (WP Rugby Red) participated in the Mothers Day Classic in Brisbane today. looking very charming in his pink outfit 

May 9, 2015

Star (Ch WP Shooting Star) had 6 puppies via c section last night.  They are such big puppies, all being over 500gms.  Her and Mick (WP Mick Dundee) have certainly done well with these puppies.  3 blue girls and 3 blue boys.

May 8, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) headed north for a show today.  Mick won himself a Best of Breed and another Junior in Group and Pria won both Bitch Challenges.  Mick thought he needed to show his appreciation!

May 4, 2015

Sophie (WP Queen of Hearts) gave birth to her puppies yesterday.  She had two red girls, one blue girl, two red boys and one blue boy.


This morning Bree (Ch WP Poker Face) had 7 gorgeous fat bodied puppies. She had three blue girls, two red boys and two blue boys. 


May 3, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) is on a roll with another Best Junior in Show at the Working Dog Club show today. Ali (WP Later Ali Gator) was Minor Puppy of Breed and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) was Reserve Bitch Challenge from a good entry. 

Ted (WP Bush Tribute) wont want to come back to NSW, here he is at the beach today with his friend Drifter.  Both these boys are entire active stud dogs

April 27, 2015

Ted (WP Bush Tribute) is back in Victoria with his Aussie Shepherd friends.  He is such a lovely natured dog, showing no aggression to other stud males.  Here he is on his first day back with Drifter (red Aussie Shepherd), Gucci (Black tri Aussie Shepherd) and Fleck (Coolie)

April 26, 2015

Red (WP Rugby Red) is still being a wonderful mascot for the Queensland Reds, and it seems that he is more interested in meeting personnel in uniform than watching the Red's lose another game!

April 25, 2015

In NSW Mick does it again with another Best of Breed (11 pts) at the County of Cumberland Show, and Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed to him was Ella (WP Heartbreaker). . This gave Ella enough points for her Australian Champion title! 

In Victoria, Tess (WP Inevitablue) wins High in Trial on Cattle the Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria Trial. From an entry of 8 runs she was the ony dog to earn a qualifying score on the young weanling cattle.  This gives Tess her first pass towards her Herding Novice A Course Cattle title.



Ted (WP Bush Tribute) was also entered in his first Started A Course cattle run, and throwing him in the deep end, the rain in Sydney meant he didnt get a chance to work cattle at all before the trial.  He had his first experience in the trial arena, and showed bucketloads of promise.



April 24, 2015

Mick (WP Mick Dundee) goes Best of Breed and Junior in Show at Hawkesbury Ag Show.  He is really starting to hit his straps and show brilliantly.

April 21, 2015

Cleaning out the office we found this letter from 21 years ago!  WP China Doll was exported to the US and was WP's first American Show Champion.  She also competed in obedience very successfully, and it is satisfying to read of her herding instinct, the type of brains that both Val Kirk and ourselves have strived to breed for, a thinking dog who is measured and considered in their approach to stock


April 19, 2015


Some lovely feedback from the Dyson family

Hi Sandra,
How are you going? I just thought I would let you know the progress of our buddies Bullseye and Belle.
Bullseye is Star’s Brother and Belle was from Ted’s and River’s Litter. I have attached a pic of them for you.
These two are stuck at the hip at all times, they have become best of friends and do everything together even sleep together. Bullseye is my best mate and he such a character he has decided to cling to me out of the family. Belle, she is full on and we never taught her but she fetches ball constantly and brings it back she has a real instinct. Bullseye is a full on water baby we had to get a small shell pool for him, which he is in everyday. 
We are so happy with them and the personalities are just fantastic. Dad walks them everyday and Belle is his mate and she follows him when working on the truck..
So thank you again for such great dogs and best friends.
Kind Regards
Shannon & The Dyson Family.

April 15, 2015

11 month old Pria (WP Whiz Kid) has been on a roll.  Here is her podium photo for Best Puppy of Breed at Sydney Royal


She also recently got her Herding Instinct Certificate, and a pass towards her Herding Test title.  She is working at Started level so should go through the lower levels quickly.

4 days after her herding success Pria got her first pass towards her Rally Novice title, she was the youngest dog in the competition and scored 94/100.

April 2, 2015

Zac's (WP Custom Made) cover for Organic Gardener goes on sale today.  He got his photo in the magazine 3 times, they loved him that much, and the producers have now invited him to be a guest star at an upcoming Harvest Festival.

March 30, 2015

What a great Sydney Royal for Willowpark.  For the 3rd year in a row we win Best ACD Puppy with Pria (WP Whiz Kid) beating 5 other puppies. Our results were -

Junior Dog  1st  Mick (WP Mick Dundee)

Intermediate Dog   2nd Ted (WP Bush Tribute)

Puppy Bitch  1st Pria (WP Whiz Kid), 2nd Mindy (WP Soul Sister)

Junior Bitch   1st Ella (WP Heartbreaker)

Intermediate Bitch  1st Star (WP Shooting Star)

AusBred Bitch   1st Lace (WP Denim & Lace, 4th Breeze (WP Blue Breeze)

Open Bitch  3rd Bree (WP Poker Face)


Pria with her rosette

March 22, 2015 

Zac (WP Custom Made) features in a Sunday Telegraph article for dogs which won at last years Sydney Royal.  He was such a good boy working with the other dogs.  Here is the article, plus a short video.



March 19, 2015 

Kate (WP Dream Catcher) gave birth to 4 perfect little blue girls this morning.  Mum and pups are doing exceptional.



March 15, 2015 

We took Pria (WP Whiz Kid) and Ali (WP Later Ali Gator) to the Australian Working Dog Show today.  Both did really well with Ali winning best cattle dog baby puppy and Pria winning Reserve Bitch Challenge and Best Puppy in Show.



 March 6, 2015


Pria (WP Whiz Kid) has been winning quite a few Puppy in Groups lately, but today she showed her true potential with a Runner Up in Group at the Newcastle A H & I Show


February 17, 2015 

Two weeks ago Ted (WP Bush Tribute), Zac (WP Custom Made) and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) attended a herding clinic with the very talented trainer from the US, Trudy Viklund.  Trudy is a wonderful trainer who competes very successfully with her Australian Shepherds.  We have found trainers with other loose eyed breeds really understand the cattle dogs.  Here are photos of the weekend.

















Afterwards the dogs always enjoy a swim in the dam with all their friends



February 15, 2015  

Young Pria (WP Whiz Kid) had a great weekend showing, winning both Bitch Challenges and a Runner Up Best of Breed at both shows. She is still only 9 months old but maturing beautifully and receiving so many compliments.  She is now half way to her Aust Champion title after only 3 weekends of shows. 


February 14, 2015  

Ted (WP Bush Tribute) had a very successful day at the Kangaroo Valley show, winning a 9 point Best of Breed, shortlisted for Best in Group and Intermediate in Group.  He can be such a lazy dog in the show ring as, like many of our dogs, doesn't see the point of running triangles and doesn't run on nervous energy.  However today seeing the sheep and animals at the Agricultural show made him really switch on.  He moved like we know he can and powered around the ring.  His daughter Pria (WP Whiz Kid) was also bitch challenge. 


February 11, 2015

Its almost been a year since Red left us as an 8 week old puppy, destined for a very special home -


"18 months ago I was charged with a very important responsibility, to find a Mascot that would do the Queensland Reds proud! My first call was to a very good friend that I knew had a passion for cattle dogs and a person I knew would only be involved with the best breeders in the industry that breed dogs for temperament and breed standard and would have the best interest of the dogs at heart above everything else.

I was put in touch with Willowpark cattle dogs, from the very first call I knew we were talking to a breeder that loved our breed of choice and was passionate about breeding the very best, the process right from the very beginning was very professional and most importantly based on what was right for the puppy.

Our Puppy is now over 1 year old and I must say that he still impresses me almost every day, his looks, his temperament, his willingness to please, his eagerness and ability to learn, his stable and calm nature, and his ability to just take on anything we throw at him has left me amazed, this dog far outweighs my expectations of what I thought he or any other dog could do.

I truly Love this little Red Dog and am so pleased that I was put in touch with what I now know firsthand is one of the best cattle dog breeders in Australia.

Thank you Belinda for the recommendation, thank you Sandra for allowing us to be the guardian of one of your puppies, and thank you Red Dog for being my best friend!"  - Justin Jordan (Jordan Dog Training QLD)





 February 04, 2015 

A few months ago photographer Barbara Killworth asked if she could take some photos of Mick (WP Mick Dundee) and Pria (WP Whiz Kid) to submit to DogsNSW for the upcoming breed feature, as a cover shot.  We are thrilled that they chose Mick's photo for the front cover, even as a naked puppy during his coat drop.  


We also ran an ad, designed by the ladies at DogsNSW, to showcase the versatility of all our dogs.  Sandra thinks we should have gone full page to also show Zac's (WP Custom Made) Sydney Royal Rally win, and Tess's (WP Inevitablue) Brisbane Royal Obedience win.  Our dogs do so much its hard to fit it all in!



February 01, 2015 

Red (WP Rugby Red) went on his first trip for an away game with the Queensland Reds.  His trainer Justin saying he handled everything in his stride, his first flight, flame throwers ringside and all the promotional work that is required in his mascot role.




January 29, 2015 

Zac (WP Custom Made ) did a magazine cover shoot for the ABC produced magazine Organic Gardener.  He was booked for 2 hours but gave them all the shots they needed, plus more, in less than 20 minutes. The shoot was in beautiful Blackheath at an apple orchard.

On set

Taken while props were being prepared





January 28, 2015 

Recently we made the decision to find beautiful homes for some of our girls.  With so many young dogs, and only so much time we thought they would appreciate living the life of couch companions.  We cant thank the families who have welcomed both Annie (WP Hot n Steamy) and River (WP River Dance) into their lives.  By the sounds of it both have settled in beautifully.  We are so proud of them, going from a kennel environment with little exposure to children to just the best companions children could ask for.


Annie in her new home, enjoying the beach on her 2nd day there -


River with her new backyard friends.  River had never seen a chicken before this


January 25, 2015 

Confirmation that Willowpark was the number 1 Aust Cattle Dog Breeder in Australia for 2014.  This was our first year entering a point score and we are just thrilled to win it. Willowpark also finished the 7th best Working Dog breeder in Australia.

Highlighting the versatility and aptitude for learning of our dogs the points came from both form and function - 3 show titles, 2 Royal Show wins, 8 herding titles, 3 High in Trials, 7 obedience titles and 2 Royal Obedience wins across 8 dogs.



January 21, 2015 

Our small but productive herd of Brangus cattle on our larger farm,  we like to not only breed good looking cattle dogs, but good looking cattle too!



January 18, 2015

Tess (WP Inevitablue) earns her Rally Excellent title in style with a 2nd place at the Newcastle Dog Training club trial. She is such a reliable girl in this sport.


Pria (WP Whiz Kid) is impressing quite a few judges winning 2 of the 4 bitch challenges at the Newcastle show, being reserve challenge bitch in the other 2 shows.  She is still in the minor puppy class.  She also won 2 Minor in Groups in competitive lineups with some quality puppies. 


Mick (WP Mick Dundee) was a good boy, being shown by 3 different people over the weekend, winning a nice Best of Breed and 2 Runner up Best of Breeds. 


January 15, 2015

Zac (WP Custom Made) has been coming along in leaps and bounds with his herding.  At 3yo it is nice to see him showing some promise of a longer cast so he can also compete in B course as well as A course.


January 14, 2015

Meet little Ali (WP Later Ali Gator).  She is now 11 weeks old and a ball of energy.  Ali is little sister to Star (Ch WP Shooting Star) who was Best of Breed at Brisbane Royal last year.  We are very excited as Ali looks even more promising at this age than Star did. 





January 10, 2015

Tess (WP Inevitablue) gains her second pass in Rally Excellent.  One more pass needed now for the first performance title for 2015.




January 8, 2015


We have a new GoPro camera to play around with the dogs.  This is Zac (WP Custom Made) bringing in the sheep for the younger dogs to do some learning.  Seasickness warning :-)


January 3, 2015

Starting off the year is Tess (WP Inevitablue) earning her first Rally Excellent pass with a 3rd place at the Manly & District Rally Trial.  Pria (WP Whiz Kid) did a promising job in the Rally Novice class, being the youngest dog at the competition at 8 months old.





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