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Puppy Training

Puppy Training


If you have been lucky enough to get one of our fanastic little puppies, here are a few book recommendations that are considered to be excellent by world leading trainers around the world.

We have been selecting for temperament for over 30 years and before that our foundation dogs came from the Jellendore kennel which were quite ruthlessly selected for intelligence and trainability.  As a result our dogs can do almost any task given to them, if raised and trained correctly.

Cattle dogs are the most wonderful breed, full of character.  Dont expect a perfect puppy though that doesnt require training, leadership and stimulation.  Reviews on cattle dogs worldwide will always say these are high energy, highly intelligent breed that require firm leadership. Our own dogs are trained in a balanced manner - lots of praise and rewards for good behaviour but also consequences for bad behaviour.

Another point many people forget is they remember their old dog in the best of its years, they remember all the good times.  However it is human nature to compare our previous dog at the age of 8 years old to their new puppy at 8 weeks old.  Your new puppy will not just slip into the role left by your previous dog - without being raised correctly.

Puppies also have varying personalities, but expect an outgoing, cheeky puppy.  These puppies, with guidance, become wonderful companions.


These books are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -  





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